[GUIDE] Connect Umbrel to your wallet

Connect Umbrel to your wallets


Use your Umbrel as backend for your preferred desktop wallet. Your Umbrel’s Bitcoin full node will be used to query on-chain data such as addresses balance, transaction details, etc, instead of relying on a third-party node.




Manage your Umbrel’s Lightning node from a desktop or mobile application.


Web Extension


Use your Umbrel’s Lightning node as backend.


I am looking for the Bitcoin Core Wallet, before the Update to 0.5.0 It doesnt exist anymore.
How can I restore my funds on this wallet?


Oh sorry, this wallet is now in the Lightning App.
Many thanks to @louneskmt for the fast help and answer.

I upgraded to 0.5.0 and I have not been able to connect to Zeus anymore… The app does not read any of the QR codes that the lightning wallet generates. I have tried both “REST (Tor)” and “gRPC (Tor)” without success.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!

On mobile device? Look for schildbach wallet

@louneskmt don’t you need to install the Electrs App to get your Electrum Remote URL with the new Umbrel UI.

how about muun wallet?

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Yes, it would be great to be able to connect Muun wallet to Alby.
Do you need to confirm a notification to receive a payment or can you be offline to receive a payment with Muun wallet?


j’ai un soucis avec l’installation des apps,

j’ai reflashé 2 fois la SD en vain

elles sont noté comme “starting” dans le menu, je les désintalles,

lorsque je tente d’installer a nouveau, “installing” tourne en boucle …


is anybody can help me with my “starting” apps after last update ??

i delete all the apps on “starting” mode but can’t re-install them,

2 re-flash SD , new SD … few days patience … still same “starting”

can’t connect my wallet on samourai node actually

i’m blocked… thank you

Is the SSD full?

nope, 1T for a 480g blockchain

sommething strange is the app run but is not in the apps list on desktop

still “installing” when i try to install again the app,

but my samourai wallet can connect to the electrum

i don’t understand how, the app is running without been on the dashboard; 3 new SD card, reflashing etc…

Does anyone have any experience connecting the Umbrel Bitcoin Core Node to LedgerLive?

I have followed the steps with Ledger here - Setting up your Bitcoin full node – Ledger Support
Everything works until I try and get Ledger SatStack set up. I can never get it to connect properly to the Bitcoin Node even though it does connect to it in the Ledger Live UX. I get the creds using the Connect button for RPC (Local Network) but it always says it actively refuses the connection. Anyone know what I am doing wrong?


Hey @surfer108 did u manage the Setup for LedgerLive? I don’t even get further the Host screen on Ledger live… Maybe you can provide an explanation?

I have not. I found some threads on how to di ti using local RPC credentials but the details were sparse to say the least and I never got it running. There is a guide on how to do this with Spector Desktop bypassing ledger live I found today and will give this a shot.

So I am unable to get Electrum to sync with the settings listed in Electrs. I have restarted my Umbrel, reflashed the OS (This helped with performance issues), followed this tutorial MULTIPLE times and I’m still sitting on Electrs waiting to sync. Bitcoin Core is fully synced.

I had this working a few months ago and went full HODL mode letting my DCA accumulate. So once I came back in to just check my stack, no syncing anymore. I’ve been through BTC Sessions, Electrum, BitcoinTalk, Electrs forums and can’t find a reason for the sync to stop. Any ideas?

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@louneskmt Can you please update this article :pray: - (Zap part only).
Instructions are pretty much the same


Zap/BitBanana (Maintained fork of Zap)

Available for: Android
Official website: https://bitbanana.app/

Hi so I think I got this to work, but with some costs.
I followed Sparrow’s documentation (Connect to Bitcoin Core - Sparrow Wallet) to set up a remote node running bitcoin core that it can connect to.
Prior to doing this I got lots of “Connection refused”

By changing the part of the bitcoin.conf file where they do rpcbind=, I did the ip that my umbrel server runs on. But I kept the ones because I think it means the ip of my device I am running sparrow on.

Either way, after adding the


It worked! I restarted my umbrel and then I could connect sparrow to my bitcoin core node.

But the cost comes with braver browser users. The shields for brave browser broke after I made this change. Unsure why but I submitted an issue to sparrow here to learn more Connect remote bitcoin node - umbrel breaks Brave Browser shields · Issue #1217 · sparrowwallet/sparrow · GitHub

I hope this helps you out

So, i was installing a node and it told me to clink link if I needed a STEP BY STEP guide but this is all I came across. Is this the right link? update looks like all STEP BY STEP guides point to this page wow crazy is a host call back. In other words, you’re correct; it’s a proxy for your local IP that you’re running Sparrow on.