Umbrel v0.4.9 installation doesn't start


I hope you are well

I format my Crucial MX500 SSD - CT1000MX500SSD1 - 1 To - Serial ATA - SATA 6.0 Gb/s recommended by Umbrel in ext4 (thanks to EaseUS software) in order to erase a previous Umbrel installation that failed

I was synchronising until 45% but during the night it stop and I was not able to access to umbrel.local

I did also new clean install on my microSD card of Umbrel v0.4.9 but my Raspberry Pi 4 model B - 8GB keep having a red light and no install occurs

Let me know if you have any advices


I find version 4.7 is more stable than those newer. I formated everything and installed it, with no updates. I find a litlle problem with it, difficulty with Tor (re)conecting, but after some restarts it is going.


I just try with umbrel-os-v0.4.7 and it didn’t work
I am not lucky with this …

Try this for logging into your node with SSH and check

provide the output via here as a link, so we can check the logs

I can’t access it via SSH

Can you try to ssh to the IP instead? Seems windows doesn’t know about umbrel.local