Umbrel noob needs help

I have a raspberry pi 4 - 8 GB. I have flashed the umbrel OS and have a 1TB SSD. This is connected by ethernet. I bought a backup Micro SD to make sure it wasnt a corrupt microSD.

WHen i turn it on it scrolls through a bunch of code and most of them say OK. There is one FAILED and 3 DEPEND. It will not allow me to type on the UMBREL LOGIN: flashing cursor. My keyboard doesnt respond. i have used 2 keyboards; one wired and and one wireless. Someone suggested that i try to SSH in from my Mac. This is the first time i have attempted to SSH. THis didnt work.

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I am having the same problem minus the errors. Any luck with this issue? I tried two different wired keyboards but no lights on them and no response on the Pi. Worked fine a few months ago. Tried different outlets too. I am not able to write SSH onto the SD card either since it says it’s not writable.

I’m right where you guys are. Very frustrating.

Hey Ughreed, the only thing that worked for me is starting all over. Reformatted SSD and reflashed SD with the Umbrel OS. I guess I shouldn’t say worked though since right about 90% of the block chain download it started sinking again. Helped me bypass using the keyboard at least since I could login with Umbrel local on the browser. I’ll keep you posted if I find out how to get past the no progress sync.

Good luck dude.