Forever 'Starting Umbrel...'

Just did a fresh install on a Pi4 with 8GB. Attached a 1TB disk to USB3 (it’s an HDD I think, but my power supply has 3A capacity, and the HDD is formatted as exFAT). This setup works fine with mynode, but now I wanted to see if I might want to switch to Umbrel. However, the browser is hanging at Starting Umbrel… Been 15 minutes now, and again 15 minutes after a hard reboot.

Ideas anyone?

Bumping this- same problem after update.

Got it. I could ssh into the Umbrel, so I assumed networking was fine, but from the ssh session I could not ping anything but my own router, to which it was connected thru a wifi client bridge. That bridge is normally transparent, but here it wasn’t. I connected the ethernet cable directly to my router now, and it works as it should.