Stuck at "starting umbrel"

yesterday i got a notification that my node became unavailable. This happens ones in a while. Normally after a few minutes i get a second notification saying my node became available again. This time i didnt get that message. So i took off the power of my Rasberry pi. Stupid i know.

Now my node won’t start. It is stuck at “starting Umbrel”. I can’t get acces through ssh!

Can someone help me? Can it be restored? If not, do i need a clean install en how do i get my funds and lightning channels back?

Hi @Liel- sorry to hear that.
Just to clarify, you don’t have a screen that has a white-background and an error, with the option to restart, you only have the normal Umbrel background with ‘starting Umbrel’ in the center?

Also, when you say you can’t SSH into your Umbrel- what command are you using?
You should be able to SSH into your instance if the web dashboard is partly online. It could be worth scanning your network with, or with using the tailscale IP if you have that set-up, to try SSHing into your Umbrel with ssh umbrel@<IP_address>

Hi @smolgrrr - thanks so much for your help.
Umbrel is stuck with only “starting Umbrel” in the center. A few days ago there was an option to push “reboot” or " restart". Ofcourse i pushed “reboot” but nothing hapened.

I use “ssh umbrel@umbrel.local”. I am then asked to give my password. After that nothing happens.
I also tried your "ssh umbrel@<ip_adress>. I think i found the right ip because it asks me my password. After a while i get the prompt “Connection closed by<ip_adress>”

Do you have any idea?

maybe it’s best to Re-flashing the microSD?

Ah unfortunate- yes that sounds like it may be a bad start-up, so as you say, reflashing the microSD and rebooting is the best approach here.
Please let me know how that goes.

Re-flashed my microSD and everyting works like a charm! After restart my node started synchronising the missing blocks. After that all my lightning channels started opening. Now everything is back to normal!

I would like to give a shout out to Umbrel! Job very well done!! I love it when my stupid mistakes are solved by great working software!

And thanks to @smolgrrr for helping me get on the right track

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Great to hear, and thank you for the kind words :slight_smile:
Have a nice week!