Umbrel UI stuck at loading

Hey Umbrel Community,
I just up my RPI 4 with 1TB SSD Drive with Umbrel. However the umbrel UI is stuck on the loading screen for me. I have the logs from the debug script and screenshot of the UI. I am running umbrel 0.4.6. Here are the logs!Screen Shot 2021-11-05 at 10.54.24 AM|690x311

I don’t think it has to with the SSD Drive since it goes through the mount properly. It seems it might be related to LND but not really sure. Would appreciate some help understanding the issue.

Thank you all!

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Same issue here. Syncing is happening but I need to ssh to follow progress through the debug scrypt.

There is a solution here : Umbrel Troubleshooting Guide
And in the section: Login screen it just freeze, can’t login
And I haven’t lost any sync progress, now I’m in the dashboard!!

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Glad to hear that my guide fix your issue

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