Umbrel.local get stucked and never loads login page

Hi, today, suddenly, when i go to umbrel.local, the page get stucked and never finish the login page load. I can also see in the browser console lot of errors 502 errors.

I’ve connected by ssh, and checking the logs i can see lots of “No space left on device” errors.

I suppose this is the reason, that my 1TB SSD is full… but, is it normal i can’t even log in just because the SSD is full?

those things happen when linux has no room left to work.
I haven’t personally witnessed this exact behavior but I have witnessed other unexpected situations arise using other linux applications in my daily life.

Make more room and they magically disappear.

Hopefully somebody else comments as well.
Have a nice day and thanks for running a node

Thanks, restarting and rebooting after ssh in the RPi fixed the problem. I followed these steps and i can log in. The node is synchronizing again, and everything seems to be working as usual

Also if I go to settings i can see i still have more than 200GB free… so i don’t understand why i saw these warnings about the disk space in the logs :man_shrugging: