Umbrel server (x86) keeps disconnecting after 2-3 days

I have umbrelOS 1.1.2 running on Mac mini 2012. It works fine except for that it keeps completely disconnecting from the network after 2 or 3 days. When it happens, I cannot access it via web browser, nor via SSH, nor am I able to ping it. (I set a static IP for my umbrel server and I am connected via ethernet)

Once this happens, I am able to get it back online only after shutting it down using the hardware button and starting it up again.

I came up with a temporary solution in the form of setting up a cron job that periodically reboots the server once a day during the night

1 2 * * * /sbin/shutdown -r now

However probably feel that this by far is not the ideal solution of this problem.

Do you have any idea what could be causing it and how to solve it?

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I am experiencing the same thing on my Umbrel Home, please let me know if you manage to resolve your problem!


I am experiencing the same issue. Although I am running a brand new Umbrel Server.
It seems it runs fine for about 12-18 hours then seems to disconnect from the network, and the only I can get to connect to it is to restart it.

I have set a static IP for the umbrel on my router but it seems to not make much difference.
I have also just ssh into the machine on set the static IP in the hosts file to see if that makes any difference. Will report back in a few hours to let you guys know if it made a difference

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I am also experiencing similar issue. Can you guys confirm if your tailscale connection is STILL working just fine when the IPV4 connection drops? Its weird i cant ping the local address but i can connect to the umbrel home using tailscale (although when logged in the bitcoin node says the last block was 18 hours ago so its clearly not connecting to peers) When connected via tailscale i opened terminal and used the “ip a” command i couldnt see in the list the local IPV4 address it should be using, it has a DHCP reservation none of my other local devices with reservations have issues. Upon reboot i can connect locally again using its IPV4 address and “ip a” command shows the correct IPV4 address under 2: enp1s0.

Guys I just saw they released a beta update on twitter so I’m installing it - in the release notes one of the big fixes is network related so fingers crossed - I’ll come back and let you know if mime is still online in a few days


Nope, even Tailscale is dead. It simply completely disconnects from the network.

Just to confirm that fiddling with the hosts file doesn’t help.

I can’t connect to the IP address at all. It’s completely dropped off the network and does not even show up on the router. All other computers registered on the network have no problems staying connected. Even my other umbrel node (raspberry pi) that I haven’t upgraded to the latest operating system is still connected and I am able to access that just fine.

It’s definitely an issue with the Umbrel Home and this latest Operating system.

Had the same problem. The trick that did it for me was giving it a static ip in my router. It‘s running for over a week now without any disconnects. Hope this helps for you as well.

I have already set a static IP (in my router settings). Did not help.

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I am struggling with the same issue. It is a new Home box just received with latest updates. It disappears from my network after 24 - 48 hours. Cannot ping. Set static IP in router did not help.
Can anyone make sense of these log files?

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I downloaded the logs from the troubleshoot panel, but I do not know where it downloaded them. Do you know the path? OK. Sorry. I found them. Now how do I upload them here?

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Hello :wave:
I have the same issue, the Umbrel Home is disconnecting every 2/3 hours.
The version: 1.1.2

umbrel_system_2024-06-14_09-27.log (169.2 KB)
umbrel_umbrelos_2024-06-14_09-28.log (135.2 KB)

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Hey there everyone. Sorry for the issue. I can confirm that umbrelOS 1.2 contains the fix for this issue. To update, please go to Settings > Advanced settings, and enable umbrelOS Beta Program. You’ll then be notified to update to umbrelOS 1.2 Beta 2. (If you don’t see the notification immediately, please go to Settings > and click ‘Check for update’)

If you happen to still face the issue after the update, please let us know here.

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Hey, thank you, will give it a try.

Muy buenas, Yo compre un Umbrel home y se me desconecta cada 4 horas. La única manera de volver a verlo en la red de umbfrel.local es reiniciando el hardware.

Works fine now after the upgrade on 1.2 Beta 2.
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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So I upgraded to umbrelOS 1.2 beta 2, it seemed to work for a while, however it has just happened again.

It again completely disconnected from the network, I am even not able to ping the local address. :frowning: