Umbrel Password set up

Hi all - just powered up my umbrel and made it to set up screen. however I’m getting hung up on the password screen. Anyone know how I get past this?

Hi E2DAGZ, same here. After typing my desired password, the whole screen freezes. Nothing happens. More and more I get the feeling this Umbrel setup is like solving the Rubik-cube…

Hi chaps, good morning,
I cannot move on with my self build node as I can’t install my password. Can someone help me out here please?

Try to enter SSH and reset user data (if it is a new install with NO funds on it)
Here is Umbrel Troubleshooting Guide - Guides - Umbrel Community)

Will have a look. Thank you

Hi Darthcoin,
I couldn’t figure it out. The SSH procedure didn’t work. I will take a closer look to all components and will download the SW again on my micro-SD card, before running procedure again. I will keep you informed.

Hi. I was able to connect via powershell into my node. After typing the moneyprintergobrrr I was able to make changes and from there typing my new password was denied. Can you or someone help me out here or…maybe I’m not that smart as you all. After this procedure, the ‘normal’ logging in procedure also failed. Thanks

If is a new instance of a node, just start over. From zero. Definitely you did something wrong in the beginning.
If you do not have any funds in that node, do this:

  • take the external drive, connect it to another PC and just delete the existing partition, no need to reformat or create a new one, just erase existing one.
  • take the mSD card and wipe it. Start a new fresh installation of Umbrel on that mSD, by flashing the latest UmbrelOS v 0.4.2
  • put back the mSD and external drive and fire up your new Umbrel node.
    Be patient for the start and follow exactly the instructions.

Thanks for your reaction. I will follow your instructions, starting tomorrow. Have a nice evening.

issue resolved, this one anyway. thanks!

Hi there,
Had to leave abroad for some work. Back now and starting instructions. My apologies.

Good afternoon Darthcoin,

I did what you asked me to do. All partitions on my SSD I erased. I bought a new SDcard mircro to be sure it wouldn’t be anything with the card. Followed all instructions and used the BelenaEtcher flash program. After the validating process of Etcher, screen froze for a second and than got this message. I’m stunned. Again the flash process failed. What now?

@BitView: You don’t have to extract the *.img file from the zip file, just select the *.zip file and Balena Etcher will take care of it. Maybe you should try redownloading the zip file in case the one you have is corrupted.

Thanks for your reaction. I tried another flash program and that helped…so far. Currently at the phase where I started to discuss with Darthcoin. I attached a printscreen again. At this phase I cannot press the next button. So back where I ended. Can you help me further? Thank you.

Buying motherboards is easy, getting them to do what you want takes a bit more work. :wink:

@BitView It might be because your password did not meet the complexity requirement (as in being a little too short). My node’s password is at least 20 characters long, so try a better password. If it’s still stuck at this screen even after the password, let us know.

I will. Thanks man.

Your advice rocks. I’m in and it works. Thank you! You can close this seed.