Umbrel - NUC - Raid setup


I have my umbrel installed in a NUC with Debian. I am keen to setup a Raid configuration and any help would be useful so that if the SSD packs up, you are not down.

I have been looking at a Synology NAS and 3 SSDs. Any help would be appreciated ( or pointing me in the right direction)


I was looking to have umbrel on a NAS, but the bottleneck is the RAM. If you have a NAS with at least 8GB RAM, is good to go, just use the docker deployment and can works.
I tried in a Qnap NAS, but was with only 4GB RAM and crashed for low memory.

The NUC/barebone is the best option.
I have like that now, with Debian 10 and 1TB HDD, works perfectly.

Depending on your NUC motherboard specs and space inside for 2 disks, you could setup a RAID at hardware level (chipset have to support it and BIOS to have the option to create a raid on 2 disks).
That will be the best approach if you want in a RAID.
If the NUC doesn’t support, then better find a barebone with a better motherboard chipset and also more space for 2 disks or even 3 disks for RAID5.

Software RAID is shit, always fail and also you can’t replace a bad disk so easy.

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I’m prepping my NUC migration, and evaluating lnx stable releases.
Could you outline your rationale why Debian 10 and not 11?

Ah no, 11 is perfect and better. I said 10 because my node is not updated to 11.

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I did not realise that for a hardware raid 1, you have to set it up on the NUC before you migrate the node as SSDs get wiped so I can’t do it that way now

Is there a way to do an external raid 1 with the NUC connected to a NAS ( Synology ) for example or would this either

A) not be possible
B) delete the NUC ssd?

Thank you

Don’t do that! Is the worst scenario.

If you do not have funds in that node already, start over and configure the RAID correctly, before start copying/cloning.
If you have funds, then move them out and start over, correctly.
Do the things done as it should be, don’t complicate things just because “sounds easier” to do.
Having a node in a RAID is a serious thing, is not a game.

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Thank you. It seems that the NUC hardware RAID is the way to go but as I have funds , I would have to migrate it out, reconfigure the drives from scratch with RAID and migrate it back in which seems rather painful.

DC, have you got RAID yourself or do you rely on the NUC alone?.

I have one NUC with Umbrel, just a standard HDD internal.
And also I have another node, in a simple barebone PC with 2 disks RAID 1, c-lightning, simple node.

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