Upgrade from one 1TB drive to RAID1 1TB drives

I have Umbrel running fine on a Pi4 with a Samsung 5T 1TB SSD. But now that I have some real money on the LND node I would like to switch to a RAID1 configuration. I have a Cable Matters 10Gbps dual bay that supports RAID1 but once it’s configured the RAID1 software appears to occupy 16MB on the drive. With this the source drive(Unbrel) is slighly larger than the target so the Macrium cloning SW fails.
Any ideas of a safe work around? I have backed up Thunderhub to my Macbook.

If you really want to move to a more stable solution with RAID go for hardware level RAID not software.
Software RAID is total crap bullshit and you could lose all your work.

Buy a decent desktop or barebone PC with a motherboard that supports at BIOS level (hardware chip RAID) to create a RAID volume.
Then plug 2 disks inside or 3 disks for RAID5.

Install on that machine Debian OS + Umbrel, then follow point 6 or 7 about how to move your node data to the new machine, from this guide

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