RAID SSD for Umbrel?

Anybody built a RAID SSD setup for high redundancy? Any recos?


Trying to set one up right now with this hardware:

1 x Cable Matters 10Gbps Aluminum Dual Bay 2.5 Inch External SSD Enclosure (USB C Enclosure) with USB-C and USB-A Cables Supporting RAID 1 and RAID 0 - Thunderbolt 3 Port Compatible

2 x Crucial BX500 2TB 3D NAND SATA 2.5-Inch Internal SSD, up to 540MB/s - CT2000BX500SSD1


I went to bed as the formatting of the RAID1 disk was just getting started. I formatted it with LUKS (password protected linux format). I would rather have to re-enter a password everytime it reboots than worry about a thief getting away with snatching the physical drive.

I’ll try to post more here with the further results as things progress.

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Thanks! Please share your progress.

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I hit a snag on this.

Here’s what I did so far:

  • Stopped my original 4GB RAM Umbrel via the CLI:
    $ sudo /home/umbrel/umbrel/scripts/stop

  • Downloaded from

  • Flashed the downloaded Umbrel image onto a 32GB SDHC using Balena Etcher

  • Booted up the new 8GB RAM Umbrel with the new RAID1 SSD attached.

(…I forgot what I did to reach the next step, sorry…)

That’s where I gave up on the upgrade attempt, shutdown the new hardware, restarted the original 4GB-Umbrel with “sudo /home/umbrel/umbrel/scripts/start” via it’s CLI. The original 4GB-Umbrel resumed fine and has been running solid since I uninstalled a few apps that I wasn’t using.

I’m not sure whether I’ll proceed with the upgrade attempt at this point. If/when I do, I’ll post my progress here.

It’s concerning that I was unable to restore via my secret words. I suppose I oughta poke around to see if anyone else has had any similar problems doing a restore. Perhaps just doing a “stop” via CLI wasn’t enough to truly stop it? I intentionally made severing the power supply near impossible, so did not actually power it down. For now I’m assuming that must be the reason this attempt failed. Afaik, the RAID-1 SSD chosen should work fine, but not yet truly confirmed.

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Sorry, @1GLENCo. There’s a known bug with the recovery process where if you incorrectly enter the seed in the first try, it will create the user file and you won’t be able to rectify your seed. The fix for now is simple — just start over with a clean installation and make sure to double check your entire seed when you enter it before hitting the next button after the 24th word.

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Thanks @mayank. I’ll be sure to 2x check the seed if/when I retry it. For now I’m just leaving my 4GB-Umbrel up as-is; it’s been running perfectly thus far, so I’ll go with the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” motto.

I’m repurposing the RAID1-SSD enclosure for another project (trying mynodebtc to see how that goes).