RAID (or Backup) on Mini PC running Umbrel 1.1


I have a Beelink Mini PC (CPU: N100, RAM:16GB, SSD: 2TB NVMe) running the latest Umbrel 1.1.
Installed on it I have Bitcoin Node, Tailscale, Immich, but no Lightning Channel running.

As I am using Immich for personal pictures and videos storage, I was planning to build a backup for it.
I have a spare 2TB SATA SSD from my previous Raspberry Pi build.

Is there a simple way to make daily syncs specially from the Immich files to another disk? Is this 2TB sata ok for it or is it better to have another similar 2tb nvme for this task?
My knowledge on Linux is very limited, so feel free to explain and/or point me to novice advice.

Thank you!