Umbrel now using strange IP address and is not accessible

Running Umbrel on Raspberry Pi. All was well and had an IP address in the 168.192.x.x range. Was able to access Umbrel through safari.
Recently, rebooted and Umbrel now has a strange IP address Umbrel is not accessible through that IP address or through Umbrel.local, or through onion address. It’s booting fine, just can’t access. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

check router network section
you will see the right IP
when not showing maybe re-flash the micro SD to get back access
when it’s not showing in the network it’s not easy
check the connection as well


I believe the 169.254.x.x is what happens when your Pi, Desktop, etc is unable to get a address from your DHCP server ( typically your router ) Try restarting your router ?

Indeed, as mentioned above If your getting an ip address of 169.254.xx.xx on any device it means that your device was not able to successfully contact the dhcp server.

So a good starting point would be to plug the network cable that is going to your pi, into another device and make sure that cable is getting a connection with a device you know is working.

That will give you a starting point to start troubleshooting in the right direction

  • If another device works on that cable the problem is likely somewhere in the pi configuration/setup

  • If the other device doesn’t work either, then you know you need to look at the cable and other items up the line

Thank you. I’ll check all the suggestions and report back. :pray:t2:

To Cynicism and ParkerS, Thank you! I confirmed the ethernet cable was properly connected to the router and then connected it to my Mac. At first it couldn’t communicate with the DHCP server. Restarted and got a proper IP address. Plugged the ethernet cable back into the PI and restarted. Bam! Back up and running with a proper IP address and am able to connect to the Umbrel admin page again. Thank You for your help. Much appreciated. B

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Good to hear your up and running! Sometimes it’s the simplest things