Can't connect to Umbrel from any address

I’m running Umbrel on Rasp. PI 4, model B 8mg, it’s connected via Ethernet, using a SSD and has a monitor plugged in.

After running fine for three months one day I couldn’t connect. I tried using three different browsers, including Tor, with login credentials, an IP address or an onion address. All of them said server couldn’t be found. Also, the monitor used to display lines of code and the “C” prompt but now it shows nothing but a blank screen.

I’m not a tech person so I don’t know where to begin. Could it be there’s a problem with the PI 4 or the SD card. Should I turn it off then back on to see if that works. Can anyone provide any help here?


Hey rel50,

Sorry to hear your pi isn’t responding - if there’s absolutely no way to access it, either through a connected monitor or SSH, then you probably just need to unplug and replug it back in.

Thanks, but might there be a problem with losing data if you power off then on?

It’s possible you’ll lose data, but if there’s no other way to access it, there’s unfortunately not a whole lot else you can do.