Umbrel node Inaccessible

What can I do to retrieve my coin from umbrel raspIV node? The node is not accessible local or remote I’ve tried everything, when i restart my router the the node ip with the name umbrel shows online in the list of connected device and then go offline again. Pls what can I do to restore this node back to good working state.
Thanks for been there guise

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I have the same problem

How long have you had your node if i may ask?

Hi, I have the same issue since yesterday too (24 hours ago), screen stuck at the loading page after (unbrel.local) and can’t even key in password.

But I was able to SSH into my Raspberry pi.

Appreciate if any one found a solution. Thanks!

Same issue here the logs are here for me. Able to SSH in but stuck at the loading screen. Is it due to neutrino not being initialized properly and as a result LND is failing to start? Would appreciate some help or potential pointers

I SSH in and did a sudo reboot, and it works fine now!

i just connect my umbrel with hdmi to the monitor and found out the sd card is kind of having contact issues…I have to hold it hold the sd card pushed to the slot now it’s it booting up with ok all the on the boot window. still waiting while it checking the the disk, But everything seems working good. I don’t know if someone find this one useful but i will appreciate any suggestion if I may replace the sd card or the Rasbpi 4 without issue on moving my coins.

I finally moved my coins…BLUEWALLET seems delivering the freedom bitcoin promised. Just with my seed words and wallet addresses bluewallet allows me the access to the coins that stuck on the umbrel, i was able to spend those coins with no hiccups…that’s magical!