Stuck in “Loading Screen”

Hi All

Was wondering if someone can assist, I’m stuck on the initial screen and it just says “loading”. My node is up and running as I connected a monitor to the node and it says it’s up and running. I’m not too sure how to get pass this point. Do I need a new SSD?

Did you update to version 0.4.10? It has a bug with those issues.
Did you try to access the Umbrel with the IP number?

I just used what is available on the Unbrel website

Regarding the IP, yes I did. It seems to be the only way to access it

Enter SSH and check the logs for btcoin, lnd, electrs. see if are finished to sync or if there is an error.
Also you can run the debug log through SSH.
See the commands in the troubleshooting manual here

But most important: have patience. Do not restart or unplug the node until you are sure is the last resort.