Can't access my Umbrel home

Hello, yesterday I installed the Bitcoin Node on my new umbrel home (without SD card). The synchronization with the Bockchain failed several times and started again. The node was running and I just let it do its thing… Now my Umbrel is no longer accessible either in the browser under umbrel.local or via ssh [umbrel@umbrel.local] in the terminal. Umbrel also no longer appears on my router’s network. Restarted the router, computer and umbrella…no solution. The green light back is flashing. What should I do? Any Ideas ?

Hi @testuser

I would suggest downloading or fing, which will easily allow you to find your Umbrel’s IP, then you can just enter that in the browser. It is also worth trying this IP address in some different browsers (particularly Safari) if that is an option for you.
Please let me know how you go with that, and then I can run you through some steps for fixing the umbrel.local address side.

Hi, thank you for your time and answer. I scanned my address range with angry ip, but couldn’t find the hostname umbrel. There are some IP addresses that I can’t assign exactly, but if I scan twice, the first time with the umbrel active and the second time without power, there is no change of the result