Umbrel Login and internet

hw - raspi 4 8GB, 1TB ssd, 32gb microSD.

I am new to all this and exploring the lightning network. I have followed all the instructions and it has run the installer with the screen of script with the OKs. at the very bottom it says umbrel login:

What is the log in I use? I have run advanced IP scanner and do not see it on the network. I am realizing now that I was hoping to use the wifi on my home network and have not set it up near my router. Will it hurt things to shut it down and move it?

Thanks for helping a rookie.

Relatively new here too.

I would recommend making first connection via network cable. It is possible to configure WiFi but I’d do that after setup.

Are you seeing the umbrel login via a screen connected to the Pi? If so, does it also show an Umbrella, a QR code and “your umbrel is located at….” It provides an IP but you should be able to connect at umbrel.local/ on your browser connected to same network. It may be hung up at just showing the ‘umbrel login” but it can take a while on initial startup.

If still not showing the IP or umbrella/QR code picture, you may need to shutdown. Make direct connection with network cable. May also be a good idea to reflash the micro SD (improper shutdowns can corrupt it.) Reflash, restart.

Use network cable.
Check on same-network-connected browser at umbrel.local/
Should see an umbrel and a welcome. (On your direct connect screen it should end with an umbrella, QR code and umbrel location IP and address. When you see this, you should be good to connect via browser for initial setup.)

On WiFi, did you configure (US country code, your networks and password) during initial download with umbrel prior to flashing the micro SRD with umbrel OS? I would still recommend using network cable through node initialization.