Err_Connection Refused First time setup

  • On what device / OS you are running Umbrel : Raspberry Pi 4
  • How is your Umbrel connected to the Internet: Connected via Ethernet to a switch. Also tried direct into EERO directly, and no luck.
  • What type of drive you are using: SSD

I am trying to acess it via my laptop which is wirelessly connected to the same network.

I can see “umbrel” on my network, so I would assume it is flashed onto the memory card correctly, but I can’t get it to connect vial umbrel.local or even by inputting the IP address directly.(I can see it on my eero). I am not really sure where to go from here. Any help is appreciated.

Same exact problem here…This is my first experience with a raspberry pi so do I need to do anything besides flashing Umbrel to the SD card?

Yep, exact same issue here. I had to format the SSD before the pi could see it.