New umbrel user

Hello everyone,
I’m a noob starting to deal with PI and umbrel. I am following everything step by step on the umbrel website to set up my node but nothing sims to work for me.
After flashing and installing there is no way i can finish to set up the node and there is any way to connect from the laptop to the PI.
Can I ask you guys if there is any tutorial that can help me from scratch to install everything (from out the box) in a simpleton way?
Thank you in advance to everyone who will reply

Hi. There are many video tutorials in Google of Umbrel install.
We can only help if you give right information, first of your hardware (cause for most initial problems) and later about possible soft issues.
When installing Umbrel, attach a monitor to its hdmi output, this can show some error.

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i am trying that already. PI is the latest one together(4) with 2 TB harddrive.
I dind’t connect screen, mouse and keybord until now, i was just trying to find it over the network. thank you for the reply. i will come for more suggestions after next step

i am stucking here

Do you use a 2TB SSD?
Test the external storage system (SSD, usb-to-sata adapter ( aka case) and usb3 cable)
Plug it to a PC or laptop usb3 port, format SSD (any format you like), write a large file to it (>1GB), then do a copy of large file to same disk. Copy speed must be greater than 100MB/s for a health storage system.

The usual installation is to flash Umbrel image onto the MicroSD card, and have your Pi connected to your router via ethernet cable.

Once it boots up (can take many minutes initializing everything) it should appear in your router’s admin control panel, under DHCP clients or the like. Look for the IP address it was given and copy that down. also look for an option to reserve that address for the Pi, might be called static ip address.

Once you’ve done this, enter the Pi’s IP address into your browsers URL entry and it should take you to your Umbrel server.

I just recently went through this myself, and I could not find a way to install it over the Raspberry Pi OS. It requires lots of work, that is automatically done in the Umbrel image you flash to the Micro SD.

Apologies if this is too basic, but it appears you are running Linux on your Pi and not booted up with the Umbrel MicroSD boot.

BTW, Welcome!

I think the best way is to use a browser, not the terminal.

Hi again, that KS for the suggestions. I had to install the original raspberry software because me pi comes with a little touch screen that otherwise wouldn’t be working. After that I had to type some lines of code and now the screen is working properly. What’s the next step to install umbrel? Still the same or should I do something different?