Umbrel keeps restarting - looping - installed in ubuntu

I just had my umbrel (installed in a notebook throught ubuntu - linux) in a restarting looping and it didn’t restore the apps. I used it for a lightning node and sudently my bitcoins disapeared from lightning node wallet. It took me hours to figured out what happend and this may happen to you as well. As I tried to re-install the umbrel, it didn’t work either, and after several trials I decided to try to backup my wallet so maybe I could not lose all my bitcoins. The first thing I did was to find where the data was in the ubuntu. That was easy, all the data is in root in a folder called umbrel. The important thing I did was to rename this folder to “umbrel backup 1” so when I would attempt to re-install umbrel I would not override the data where my bitcoins where. Then I started to re-install umbrel and it did not went thru, leaving a message and here is why umbrel was in that loop: The TOR connection was active and it does not allow umbrel to close or to start. The solution I looked for in chatGPT:

  1. Open the ubuntu terminal
  2. copy this to stop TOR connection: sudo service tor stop
  3. press enter
  4. then copy this to not allow TOR connection to start automatically when you power on your computer: sudo systemctl disable tor
  5. press enter
  6. the last thing is to verify if your commands where validated by copying this in terminal: sudo service tor status
  7. the answer should show that you did well.

After that umbrel returned, but all the apps where lost (maybe because my attempt to re-install umbrel). As soon as I re-installed the apps my bitcoin wallet was there, intacted, with my nodes I had stablished.

I hope I could help some one that went through the same trouble.