Umbrel is not in the sudoers file

I’m trying to update my node alias by following this. The problem is I can’t sudo anything because “umbrel is not in the sudoers file.” I also get “permission denied” errors trying to do anything with docker:

docker exec -it lnd /bin/bash
docker exec -it lnd sh
docker exec lnd lncli signmessage "<message>"

I haven’t had root access since I first set up the node, I assumed it was just the way umbrel is configured–is that normal? Do all umbrel nodes prevent root access?

Please read Troubleshooting manual.
All info about how to put an alias to your node is in there.
“Node alias” is now what you think as alias for sudo… is totally other thing, is the name visible for your node in the whole LN.

I know what a node alias is and I read the troubleshooting manual. According to the troubleshooting manual you posted, to change the alias:

By this you can rename your LN node via SSH, so you do not have random name.

sudo nano ~/umbrel/lnd/lnd.conf

Add alias=My amazing node just after [Application Options]

Like I said in the original post, sudo fails because “umbrel is not in the sudoers file”.

Let me know if I need to clarify further.

Are you running on non-Pi device, linux OS? then is not user umbrel is just your user you defined on that linux.

No I’m running on a Pi.

I can log in with umbrel and the same password I use to access the GUI, but I can’t run any elevated commands.

Try re-flashing the mSD card with the latest umbrelOS.
User data is on SSD, so will not harm with anything that procedure.

Okay, so reflash the SD card and when I put it back in everything should still be configured fine? Like I won’t lose my lightning channels or any app data?

should work just fine.