Help with naming my Node

Hello everyone, newbie here. I would like to give my node a name and tried to follow this guide. I did upgrade my node to 0.5.0 . Before, I was able to see the directory when I ssh -t using the terminal.
This command shows a blank box: Open the config file sudo nano umbrel/lnd/lnd.conf
The directions clearing states to make sure its under the " Application Block".

Need help, please advise. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

--------The directions I am following below.

Want to set an alias for your Umbrel 6 Node?
Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your node using SSH 254. Usually this means opening a terminal and typing ssh -t umbrel@umbrel.local. The user is umbrel. Default password is moneyprintergobrrr for older versions of Umbrel. New versions use the dashboard passord. When typing your password you usually see nothing (for safety).
  2. (Optional) change your default password by typing passwd
  3. Open the config file sudo nano umbrel/lnd/lnd.conf . lnd is small for LND, there are no iโ€™s. It will ask you again for your password (same as before), and you will again not see you entering the password.
  4. You are now in the editor. Add alias=SOMENAME. This must be added to the first paragraph. Somewhere below the block [Application Options], not in a different block.
  5. (Optional) set color=#ff0000 or any other hex color, on a new line, just below alias. find a nice color 262.
  6. You will see the commands you can give at the bottom. The caret ^ means CTRL button. ^X is eXit, so use CTRL-X to exit the file. Confirm you want to save the buffer using Y. Press enter for file name (donโ€™t change).
  7. After you have exited the editor, type cat umbrel/lnd/lnd.conf to look at the content of the file.
  8. Then restart your Umbrel node. You can do this properly from the Umbrel web interface (Settings, Restart)

After v0.5.0, location of lnd has been changed.
You can try sudo nano umbrel/app-data/lightning/data/lnd/lnd.conf, then follow the process you pasted.

GLK, Thanks for the directory update. I can see my Alias on Thunderhud and 1ML. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This solution not work for Umbrel OS 1.1.2.

@Silva you can do this from the advanced settings in the lightning app now :slight_smile: (click the 3-dots in the top-right).