Umbrel feature requests

Can I have a Dogecoin Node? I have it separately now.

Lightning Watch Bot on telegram does that. It’s free with a 60 minute delay or real-time for a fee. You can choose time period it sends alerts for from 1 hour /5Sats to 1 year/ 35100 Sats. You need to open a private 100K channel with Lightning.Watch first.

I find Umbrel to be a fully functional node with many futures but it laks some important things:

  • system stats (load, temperatures…)
  • SSD wear level, very important
  • clone drive, because being on 24/7 will end the life of the ssd quickly and if it fails, its a hussle to go back to initial state

At this point, i dont think running an umbrel on a RPI is feasable, you can find x86 mini pcs at a fraction of a RPI cost (i paid 50$ for a tiny HP 6th gen I3 + 50$ 1tb ssd), so Umbrel should optimised for x86 also


Support for multiple external drives.

Would be very helpful if there was an easy way to plug in a hard drive for storing media.


The Ability to set the Default rate for a new lightning channel - I know it’s possible via command prompt, but it’s such an important feature! Or, second best would be to have the default value hardcoded as something really high, like 2000. One can then always lower it. But, it’s brutal to open a new channel with the low default value of 1 and then it gets drained before one can adjust it.

CPU usage (preferably by core) in the dashboard settings menu. It would go nicely with the storage and memory usage panes already there.

2FA app, currently most people rely all of their 2FA tokens to google authenticator and Authy by twilio, It’d be nice to have FOSS apps like 2fast or twofas running on Umbrel

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Does anyone currently have, or has considered, publishing Grocy to their community app store? It’s a really comprehensive inventory management system that I would like to use but the developer does not seem interested in publishing it to Umbrel. It can be installed in Home Assistant as a plug-in but I’m interested in using it as a standalone app.

I’d like to see the Ukrainian language :ukraine: in umbrelOS!

I’ve already localized everything I could find in the official GitHub repository and opened a PR.

Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding this.

It would help efficiency to show apps resource usage and requirements before installing them, so adding additional info into the appstore like average RAM, CPU and MB Size/usage would be helpful, as a workaround I test apps in a VM before running them live

Support for connecting to external drive (or even better) a NAS. For the described use cases (nextcloud, Plex, etc) we need to be able to utilize RAID-ed HDD arrays.

if this is possible and I just don’t know how, please let me know, I don’t currently have an Umbrel as I’m waiting for this feature so I can move from my current PC storage / plex / etc

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fwiw, VaultWarden (and by association, BitWarden) is a password manager that can also scan QR codes normally scanned by authenticator apps and then auto-fills the codes the same time passwords are filled out in a browser.

I don’t use this personally, but I have 1Password which does the same thing.

I have some suggestions

  • Multi Account: creation of multiple accounts with permissions for each app and Umbrel configuration.
  • Environment Variable Editor: edit and create environment variables directly from the Umbrel interface, perhaps create a configuration option in the apps.
  • Port Range: When creating a store, define a range of ports that the store will use in the yml file, so that conflicts do not occur.
  • Optional App Proxy: similar to the idea of the environment variable editor, it would be interesting to be able to disable or enable the app proxy for each application instead of it being static in the docker compose.

I know most of these suggestions involve complex modifications and might not even be that useful, but as a user, I believe they are interesting additions.

I’ve updated the Umbrel Ukrainian translation pull request to the latest beta version strings.

I want to use UmbrelOS in my native language.