Umbrel 0.5.0 unresponsive / slow

Does anybody get the feeling that version 0.5.0 is unstable / unresponsive? I’ve tried issuing a restart from the WebUI but it’s stuck at “Rebooting…”. It states to not refresh the page until it’s done. Seem’s like a simple reboot takes awhile…

Has anyone else experienced this new version as being slower then usual?

FWIW I’m having a lot of issues w/ 0.5.0

Lightning Node screen doesn’t load channels and balances but sporadically.
Currently can’t get into LNDg for some reason.
Watching my uptime go through the roof randomly and praying my node doesn’t crash.

I’m making the decisions to pull a LOT of capital out of my node based on everything going on, it stinks.

Glad to see it’s not just me. I checked my server utilization with HTOP and noticed it was heavily taxed so I started uninstalling some apps and it seems slightly better, but I still can’t generate a “deposit” address for my main Bitcoin wallet.

I left it alone for a day and was able to generate an address today using the “deposit” button. It’s weird that the Bitcoin wallet actions are on the Lightning Node app, you’d think they would be on the Bitcoin Node app.

Anyways, if anyone else is experiencing any slowness after the upgrade to 0.5.0 (or I guess just in general), SSH into your box and run HTOP (or TOP) to see your RAM and CPU utilization. I saw mine was high so I uninstalled some apps that I wasn’t using that were actually bogging my server down.
The worse one was the Elements Core (Liquid Full Node) app so that sped up my server a lot.

I guess if you want to run many apps you need to beef up your resources. This isn’t a problem for me since I’m running it on a VM and have more resources to allocate to it but I instead decided to remove apps that I wasn’t using.

Has anyone running a RaspberryPi noticed a significant slowdown after installing many apps? I assume it would be slow since Pi’s aren’t the bulkiest of machines…

Let me know what your experience is so we can compare :slight_smile:

Cheers! :beers: