Dashboard Does Not Look Like Tutorials on the Web

This may be a silly question but I have been looking for awhile now and I cannot find any answer to this. My Umbrel dashboard does not look anything like the tutorials I see all over the web. The tutorials all have snazzy dashboards with settings, menus, “100% of traffic routed through tor,” lightning wallet, bitcoin core all in one convenient place. My dashboard looks more like a smartphone home screen with app icons (only have bitcoin node and lightning node apps at the moment). It’s almost as if I have a “stripped down” version of the bitcoin core app, lightning node app, dashboard, etc.

Is this just a difference in the version of Umbrel I am running? Am I just missing something totally obvious?



Hi @smooosh! Yes since Umbrel 0.5.0 the UI changed!
You can still see and manage your funds in the Lightning Node app :smile:


I appreciate your quick response!

I came to that conclusion shortly after posting this comment actually. Thank you confirming this for me.

Is there any way to confirm that traffic is being routed through Tor as in previous versions? It seems the new version is very stripped down and has less features in the Bitcoin Node and Lightning Node apps than earlier releases. Are you aware of anything currently in development to display your node information similar to how it was displayed in the earlier versions?

Thanks again!