Umbrel feature requests

What features would you like to be added to Umbrel?

Can be related to user interface, options…

For app requests, please use this thread instead.

  • Broadcast tx’s.

  • Change username.

  • Info about temperature, ram usage, system load…

  • Info about Electrum server sync, disk usage…


Is there a way for Umbrel to diagnose and flag potential poor hardware components? For those who have parts kicking around and try to roll their own. Understood that the recommended parts list is the optimal path, but hacking something together with spare parts at zero cost is going to be attractive, and maybe one/two component swaps could optimize the rig if Umbrel could spot and highlight weaknesses?

Dark mode please lol :grin:


When creating a lightning invoice:
a. Ability to put input a dollar amount.
b. Ability to adjust invoice time duration.

Bitcoin wallet:
a. page that lists all addresses with funds.
b. ability to lock certain addresses (dust attack)

Lightning wallet:
Dangerous but I’d like a way to abandon channels that are stuck opening or closing. (click on channel details and instead of a “close channel” it would show “abandon channel”, but with like 3 warning screens after it.

Adjustable timeout for the GUI, and or have it reset from last use rather than reset from log in. Multiple times I’ve been using the GUI and it times out during.


Agreed, definitely needs a dark mode!

  • dark mode
  • ability to turn off tor
  • change welcome name
  • usb support for specter
  • bitcoin terminal / ability for people to run numbers and interact with core’s data
  • Link to community forums
  • System info - CPU, RAM, TEMP, Down/Upload speed, Uptime etc.

My proposals will be:

  1. Disable dashboard in IBD phase
    I saw many users trying to do various stuff in IBD and also getting panicked and restarting the node, messing around the whole data. I suggest this feature:
  • disable access to dashboard in IBD phase
  • put just a percentage of syncing blocks
  • add a message to BE PATIENT, all is going to be fine, don’t panic :slight_smile:
  • meanwhile read the “getting started” instructions from wiki page
  • if something is really getting wrong (machine get stuck, disk disconnected etc), then yes, put a message or instructions what to do next. In this way, users will be more comfortable and know what to do.
  1. Add option to use the whole onchain balance when you open a channel.
  • to have a tick box “use all balance”
  • deduct the miner fee from total and use all UTXOs
  • in this way we can avoid remaining with many dust UTXOs
  • show the available balance in the dialog of opening channel (is not visible now)
  1. Make BTCPay and LNbits option to be usable on clearnet
  • these two apps is hard to use them behind Tor
  • usually who run these apps, want to use them for online shops / services
  • customer/users of these apps, will NOT use Tor, they regular mom and pop
  1. Full backup of user data
  • I know is hard to achieve this, but we need to think WHO is using these nodes: simple users that have no idea about how to enter into SSH or the belly of dockers and linux machine.
  • They need REAL backups and easy to restore, otherwise all the time it will be a problem and will be enough just one with large amounts of money to lose them and will be a scandal.
  • Make it as an image of the user data folder, databases, wallets, channels database etc
  • The actual restore procedure is really confusing for many new users, they DO NOT understand that in the recovering procedure, the channels will be closed and funds come back to onchain. many do not want to close channels. This is NOT recovering of node, this is just exit form system.
  • Umbrel was designed for simple users, they deserve a nice button saying “backup” and another one saying “restore”. That’s it. Otherwise we are back to square one, nodes are only for freaks…
  1. Plausible deniability
  • We need protection, we are always in danger with open apps
  • We need a SHTF backup plan. Use cases are many: robbery at gun point, police raid, stealing node from home etc.
  • What about having an option like in BlueWallet to setup a fake account, with a fake wallet, fake LN channels?
  • I also want to hide my LN transactions, I know is not possible to delete them from history, but in some way to not be visible. This aspect also have to be proposed for RTL and ThunderHub apps. That wallet history in wrong hands could be dangerous. We need ways to protect that.
  • Or at least a way to wipe quickly whole user data (yes, you have the seed and the backup data saved previously in a safe place)
  1. Electrum server monitor
  • Will be nice to “know” what is going on with this little part of Umbrel
  • at least a % of memory in use
  • status, if is working fine or not, can connect to it

Feature Request:
Ability to connect to existing bitcoind, lnd, tor, etc. services. Umbrel should be provided as pure dashboard solution. I know it’s pretty specific but I think in case of future enhancements (like ION, taproot,…) experienced users could implement stuff outside of the umbrel/docker space.

no dark mode is ultimate sadness
we need dark mode when possible :]


Meanwhile “Dark Reader”-AddOn looks good on umbrel


Ability to add a ticker


Lol I was able to do something similar but it has messed up a few of the gui elements. Still works but missing a few bits lol. Native dark mode would be awesome, but it’s unnecessary and I’d rather the team make the functionality perfect, then make little niceties. Love my node unconditionally :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:

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Possibility to set a max fee or see the fees we’re going to be charged before paying a LN invoice

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Not sure if this is umbrel specific but change control like electrum would be great!

An option to directly select to turn off/on the LEDs of the Raspberry Pi.

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Another feature request: Ability to change timeout for auto-logout of dashboard

  • ability to turn off tor

I think you can already do that on settings.

Nope, it’s disabled.