Umbrel dashboard won't load up


My Umbrel dashboard will not load itself anymore. The fields remain empty once I have logged in. I have restarted it two distinct times via the Settings option, to no avail. The issue remains.

Here’s the link to my logs.

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Hi @KST!

Can you reflash the microSD card with Umbrel latest version and try to access the dashboard again?

If it doesn’t work, could you get again the logs and send them here?

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Hi @louneskmt

Will do, then get back to you. Thanks :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, reflashing the microSD card did not work. Here are the logs :

umbrel-1631449352801-debug.log (38.0 KB)

The issue persists despite reflashing with version 4.2.

Here are the latest logs : umbrel-1631714091602-debug.log (38.9 KB)

Here’s the display when logging in to Umbrel :

What would be a logical next step, from here?

Issue resolved!

Will edit with more details later. But, essentially, the issue stemmed from bitcoin and I had to resync the blockchain.

Hi, I have the same issue, could you tell me what did you do to solve it.


Some Rasp Pi users are claiming this issue, but is not for all. After updating with latest Umbrel version the node is starting but in dashboard the txs and LN channels are not functional.

How to fix it:

Enter using SSH into your node and run:

sudo nano ~/umbrel/lnd/lnd.conf

find the line


and delete it
Restart your node

sudo reboot