Umbrel App coming soon...?

@mayank Once I saw your great April’s Fool joke about the “Umbrel App” coming soon. Some people even thought it was true, Lol…

Just wondering, is this actually possible? Maybe it would work in a “higher-resources” machine… Or is there any other impossibility besides the RAM and CPU?

What do you mean by app? Umbrel is already an app not?

Umbrel’s UI is a web app… perhaps the OP is thinking of a native mobile app? Something akin to Zeus where you could connect remotely via the node’s onion URL and then do All The Things.


Lol, that’d be pretty cool right. Technically Umbrel in Umbrel could be possible by using a Docker-in-Docker setup, but you’d hit CPU/memory resource limits after 1 or 100 recursions, depending upon the hardware you’re running it on.

PS: Here’s the joke OP is referring to (the mastermind behind the joke is, of course, @aarondewes):


Better than umbrel inside of mempool inside of umbrel inside of mempool inception? That is unpossible.