Is umbrel dead?

Noticing very little community engagement or help here. As wel as a lot of unresolved btc node and wallet connection issues . Is umbrel pretty much done? With mynode now the best place to go?

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For me everything works well. Umbrel is a kind of operational system, but the instaled apps need third parts support. Beeing free, guess I can’t ask much more of Umbrel developers.
I see people asking here for help, but they don’t give any pertinent information about their hard or software, and the intended use, so it is impossible to help them. The time of crystal balls is over.
And many want to run lots of apps in a limited educational machine (raspi), that´s not viable, not hard to see it. Business performance apps can´t be run in a raspi. Raspi is designed to run apps of a few GB SD card! A Hd is not natural for it.


Well I’ve had nearly zero trouble running Umbrel, on my 4Gb RAM RaspPI since April 2021.

Two exceptions:

  1. The 5.0.0 upgrade confused my LND container(s).
  2. The false alarm in late 2022 (from the 5.0.? upgrade) re: “Your SD card is starting to go bad”.

Notwithstanding those two issues, I’m impressed with Umbrel, including the UI, the filesystem organization, and especially the mushrooming app ecosystem. In fact, for a few months in late 2021, I remained in the Top 10 of Top Performing Nodes at My node alias was Thunder_RR.

Keep up the good work Team Umbrel!

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