Introducing Umbrel 0.5 — A beautiful personal server OS

You have probably seen the announcement on our Twitter or are already running Umbrel 0.5 by now, haha.

So yeah, it’s a big day. Umbrel 0.5. has been months in the making, and I’m so excited that we can share it with you all today. Here’s a quick video we did on it.

You can read the full announcement on our blog, which goes over everything that has changed.

Hope you guys like the update. :heart:


The blogpost shows a Fulcrum app - is that a mockup example pic, or is Fulcrum available in the 0.5 Appstore ?

Awesome new look for Umbrel, nice one!


Yes very nice update, thumbs up to the Umbrel Team :smiley: :+1:

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She’s a beaut, Clark.

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I mainly used RTL before the update and could simply log in. Why do I have to log in to Umbrel first and then again to RTL? Really badly done. Unfortunately, I did not follow my own rule. never change a runing system :cry::cry::cry:


Independent app updates are great– as it should have been from the start! Thank you.

but, but… Any way to get the old home screen back? With both bitcoin and lightning front and center as it should be???

How can a bitcoin node have bitcoin buried in the app store? I can’t see my balance or send/receive payments from the home screen anymore!? Wut? Huge fail IMO.


that with the login is bullshit. is there a solution or change? can I reinstall the old version?


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Oh, this appears to be a bug. It shouldn’t ask you to login again if you’re already logged into your Umbrel. We’re looking into it, thanks for reporting!

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It’s not available yet, but soon!


How are you accessing your Umbrel server? This via umbrel.local, over Tor, or using Tailscale, etc?


Hi @nevets963,

Umbrel.local. But I mainly use RTL and go directly via this IP in my network on RTL. Since the update you have to log in to Umbrel and then again at RTL

Will Dark Mode be available for the Bitcoin and Lightning apps? Launching them from the Home screen is blinding me when I work at night. Thanks.

What a great job on this project you all have been doing…
Only now getting around to making this comment however I had this release on day One and been playing with my Umbrel node ever since.

Its so crazy how this upgrade has made my Umbrel node “feel” like a brand new product…
i’m very impressed with your work and more so, it’s not just a “Flash in the pan” with Umbrel its constant improvements/enhancements/features/Security/bug fixes.

The Umbrel Dev team just keep it Flowing. Keep up the Rock solid work!

Hi @mayank,

is there already news or a date when this error will be repaired?


So, where’d my balance go? It used to be after sign on page? Nice and easy. Now it’s hard?