Ideas for a new App

Hello Umbrel community!

I am a developer looking for ideas for new projects. I have hit something I guess you could call writers block. So I am turning to the community for help.

Does anyone have any ideas for an app or service that they would like to be able to self-host themselves using Umbrel?

I would of course make the code open source.
Thanks you advance!

This has also been posted on the Reddit

@kilian This is perhaps too small an idea, but in my usage of Blue Wallet and LNDhub with blue wallet, I have wondered why Umbrel doesn’t also have an easy app install process for blue wallet’s GroundControl push notification server (on github). It would be nice if the installation process were automated via the umbrel app store for this decentralized more private way of having blue wallet notifications.

Awesome, here’s the framework for making an app on Umbrel in case you haven’t seen it (link).

Rhasspy is a project I’ve been keen to start working on, and bring to Umbrel. It’s effectively an open-source Siri/Alexa, built to run on Pi, uses Node-RED/Home assistant which are already on Umbrel (but I don’t know how that would work from the docker side). Would be cool to integrate chatGPT into this too
Let me know if it interests you, maybe we can work on it together :slight_smile:

I’ve been trying to find something that interests me for a while. Fairly experienced with Docker so that probably wouldn’t be an issue if you need help. Definitely not experienced with voice synth or anything like that.

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seems like it should be pretty easy, all the voice synth stuff is handled by the project, i just needa buy the extra hardware and figure out how to run it on umbrel.

made a start- i have no idea how this umbrel app stuff works, so bear with me.