Umbrel 0.4.12 is now out with 4 brand new apps

Update: A patch Umbrel 0.4.13 was just released to update the new Kollider app which includes a bugfix.

Umbrel 0.4.12 is now out with 4 brand new apps in the Umbrel App Store — Kollider (trade Bitcoin derivates using your Lightning node), Bitfeed (live visualization of your Bitcoin node’s mempool), Suredbits Wallet (create DLCs to bet on real-life events), and LNDg (automate + analyze your Lightning node management), updated apps, a security patch, and bug fixes. Just login to update! :rocket:

Trade Bitcoin derivates directly using the Lightning node on your Umbrel with Kollider:

Visualize your Bitcoin node’s mempool like never before with Bitfeed:

Build your own Discreet Log Contracts to create prop bets on real-life events:

Analyze and automate your Lightning node management with LNDg:

Twitter announcement:


No Thunderhub update :pensive:

Sorry Darth, we were really hoping to get it into this release but the new containerized ThunderHub image had some issues. :confused: Hopefully they will be resolved before our next release!

I understand. Is better to have patience and have a tested solution. No worry.


Screenshot from 2022-02-03 08-00-06
Why my umbrel shows being up to date, when am in version 0.4.11?
Is there a manual’ way to get the’lateste release?

Can you try restarting your Umbrel (from the same settings page) and then see if you get the update notification? If it still doesn’t show the notification, you can find the manual update instructions here.

thanx. did manual update

Is it possible to use umbrel without bitcoin now?

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I have had to do manual update for both 4.11 and now 4.13

I really want this also.

@jumpnkick & @nomadjoe

Do you have Pi-hole installed on your Umbrel?

I was having the same issue with auto updates, and realized that Pi-hole DNS settings mess up some Umbrel apps as well as the update process.

I just uninstalled Pi-hole and auto update is working again.

For reference:

I do have pihole installed and that seems to be this issue. thanks for the info. I am glad it is not a big deal to manually update - I enjoy some command line :wink: