Umbrel 0.4.17 is out with 2 brand new apps

Umbrel 0.4.17 is now out with 2 brand new apps in the Umbrel App Store — Agora (Sell your files for Bitcoin), and Sparkkiosk (Create and print LNURL QR codes for your kiosk or café). :rocket:

Also included are updated version of Tallycoin Connect, BTCPay Server, Tailscale, Suredbits Wallet, Krystal Bull, LNbits, Samourai Server, Squeaknode, ItchySats, Jam, LNDg, and Lightning Terminal in the app store, along with bugfixes. Just login to update!

Host files on your Umbrel and sell them for #Bitcoin with Agora. :money_with_wings:

With sparkkiosk, you can start accepting Lightning payments at your self-service kiosk, café or store by creating and printing LNURL QR codes. :printer:

Twitter announcement:


NO Thunderhub update… :pensive: :thinking: :sleepy:


Hey bro!!! How are you doing?! I am the guy using charge lnd to fix the htlc that did commented in your “blog”. Thanks for the great help!!!

I have found some problems related to the Sparkkiosk. How can I contact to report them?


It seem’s I have an issue. The update notification once appear on my dashboard but nothing happens when i hit the the install button. Since, my umbrel doesn’t propose me the update anymore.

What can i do ?

Go to “Settings” here is the "Update-Button "

I have already do that but nothing happens…

It seems in fact I have a trouble shooting with Pi Hole and DNS resolving.
It appears to not work properly with umbrel while I can access internet with my others devices.

For exemple I don’t get the update, mempool don’t find a connection and was stuck in “starting”, the more akward Pi hole himself can’t update gravity.

I wasn’t able to find why exactly because my skills are not good enough. But it seems to be related to the resolve.conf or docker-compose.yml files and the loop back adress

So i change my DNS to not use pi hole and all return to work fine.

Sorry for this off topic post, hope it can help someone.