Umbrel 0.4.4 is out with Bitcoin Core 22.0, 3 new apps, and more

Umbrel 0.4.4 is now out with Bitcoin Core 22.0, lower disk space usage (free up ~50GB!), 3 brand new apps in the Umbrel App Store — Node-RED, Krystal Bull and LN Markets, performance improvements, updated apps, and more. Just login to your Umbrel to update! :rocket:

Wire together your hardware devices, online services and APIs, all visually using the Node-RED app. For example, you can literally use it to create a twitter bot to manage the Lightning node on your Umbrel.

Become a Bitcoin oracle to create and settle Bitcoin bets on real world events like elections, sporting events, and financial markets using the Krystal Bull app.

With LN Marktet’s new Umbrel app, you can now deposit, withdraw, and get connected to your LN Markets account directly with the Lightning node on your Umbrel and trade Bitcoin derivates.

Note: The Electrum server on your Umbrel has been updated to electrs 0.9, due to which it will be unavailable for ~12 hours after the update. Any wallets connected to it (BitBoxApp, BlueWallet on-chain only, Electrum Wallet and Sparrow) will not be able to connect to your Umbrel during that time, along with the Mempool and BTC RPC Explorer apps.

It can take a few minutes for Bitcoin Core and Lightning data to appear after the update. It’s also perfectly normal for the Lightning channels to go offline after every update, and they automatically come back online after a few minutes if not hours.

Twitter announcement:


Since the upgrade, logging in and navigation is extremely slow now? I’m no linux guru but any suggestions/help would be appreciated. Before this recent upgrade, was running perfect…thanks!
Logs didn’t show any issues

It is slow because electrs is reindexing all blocks.Patience it will take several hours.
You can check the status of electr by running this command in umbrel folder
docker-compose logs -f electrs


This doesn’t work for me I get the following response.

umbrel@umbrel:~ $ docker-compose logs -f electrs

  •    Can't find a suitable configuration file in this directory or any*
  •    parent. Are you in the right directory?*
  •    Supported filenames: docker-compose.yml, docker-compose.yaml, compose.yml, compose.yaml*

do first cd umbrel

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That worked. Sorry for being such a noob

Free up 76 Gb for me, thanks a lot !