Umbrel 0.4.5 is out with bug fixes and updated apps

Umbrel 0.4.5 is now out with the latest version of Electrum server (electrs 0.9.1), bug fixes and updated apps in the Umbrel App Store, including the latest Samourai Server app which fixes a connectivity issue in the previous version. Just login to your Umbrel to update! :rocket:


I ran into an issue getting Umbrel to update itself, so I just used SSH and then it updated perfectly by using:
cd ~/umbrel && sudo ./scripts/update/update --repo getumbrel/umbrel#0.4.5 && sudo ./scripts/start

So we actually have 2 choices of updating: The UI or SSH (much faster).

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For non-RPi users I strongly recommend doing the update manually from SSH.
Because normally Linux/Debian also need OS updates and in special from docker.
RPi users don’t need to do it manually (only in special cases when form dashboard doesn’t get through nicely) because UmbrelOS already contain OS updates.

For non-RPi users the procedure is always this:

  1. stop umbrel script
  2. apt get update && upgrade
  3. restart system if is necessary
  4. start umbrel script
    For me always works really nice (I am on Debian10 OS)
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In the UI, there’s no notification about the new version being available. Would I just have to wait a bit more?

Just follow the instructions to do a manual update from this troubleshooting guide

I am a bit too busy at the moment to do manual steps. That’s why I chose to use Umbrel and get the luxury of a GUI. :innocent:

Is it a bug that the user interface doesn’t notice the available update?
Or is it just a matter of patience until it shows up?

no, it’s your node that can have some problems or your browser is not clearing cache.
convenience of simple click button in GUI doesn’t mean that always it will work.
I recommend you to do the manual update so you will learn.
Saying that you are “too busy” for just taking 5 min from your busy life, to learn more about your node (bank) sounds weird… How busy you can be that you can’t take 5 min from your life?

Not paying attention and care to your node, it will cost you more later.

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Your arrogant bluntness is amusing. :cowboy_hat_face: @DarthCoin
It’s OK. I know you don’t mean it in an evil way.
I’ll try the manual update steps soon then.

May I recommend to improve the GUI programming so that the browser cache or other “node problems” won’t occur (or occur less) in future versions.
I guess we have many noobs who choose to go with Umbrel to have the smoothest possible user experience.

Hi, I was wondering if Samourai-Server is working properly on 0.4.5 for you guys.
I’m looking for confirmation from people that can use Sentinel connected to there Dojo.
Then I know its me and not the upgrade.


I’ve followed the manual update “Manually updating Umbrel node” instructions from Umbrel Troubleshooting Guide and now I’m on 0.4.10.
It worked smoothly and so far all looks good.
Thanks :pray: @DarthCoin