Cant connect Sparrow Wallet to Umbrel node

Since yesterday Im having trouble connecting my Sparrow Wallet to my umbrel node. It connected before without any issue. The issue seems to be related to being unable to connect to Tor.

First I was getting an error message saying there was already something listening to port 9050.
So I used killall to get rid of anything connected to that port
Now its saying IO error unable to connect to hidden service.
I also re flashed the umbrelOS just in case that was causing issues.

Anyone have any ideas how I could help fix this issue?


I have the same issue and it started right after Umbrel was updated to 0.4.4.

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You cannot connect because you are NOT following the right steps mentioned in the “connect wallet” instructions.
It is saying very clearly there that you need to run Tor service on your PC where Sparrow app is located.
That Tor service is your local proxy that make the connection on onion address with your node.
If that service is not running, you will NEVER connect to your node.

How do you “sun” Tor service?

Hello, how have you solved the error? I have a similar error
could not Connect:
cannot connect ti hidden service
I have Sparrow installed on ubuntu and I can’t get it to connect to my umbrel node. I’ve searched and I can’t find how darth says to connect the node correctly

Did you read the instruction in Umbrel dashboard - Connect wallet?
Are very clear and simple.

I Have had block Chain Synced for at least a week, I have had Tor Open and closed still doesnt change. I have tried to put Onion address in URL and have tried it as a proxy. Sometimes it will start to load and then just go to Can not connect to hidden service. If you go to umbrel Connected wallets I have done everything it asked even tho it does not ask for Tor to be running. I dont know what else to do. read everyones comments and would love some help.

Just put this

That Worked ,Now how did u know that without ur help id never figure that out.

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Hey darth. You do a lot for this community especially for us node newbies. A lot of content created, a lot of time spent helping and guiding. Do you have a BTC or lightning donation page somewhere?