Trouble logging into UI through browser

Hi everyone.

Ive had Umbrel running on a intel NUC with Ubuntu server as an OS.
Yesterday I updated/upgraded Ubuntu and now Umbrel is gone.

I can SSH into the NUC and Ubuntu but Umbrel wont show up on my browser.
My routers ARP table shows its there at the right IP address etc.

sudo ./scripts/start gets me this:

umbrel@umbrel:~$ sudo ./scripts/start
Skipping status update when not on Umbrel OS

============= STARTING ===============
============== UMBREL ================

Setting environment variables…

Starting karen…

Starting status monitors…
Starting memory monitor…

Starting backup monitor…

Starting decoy backup trigger…

Starting Docker services…

umbrel_tor_server_1 is up-to-date
dashboard is up-to-date
tor is up-to-date
electrs is up-to-date
manager is up-to-date
nginx is up-to-date
lnd is up-to-date
bitcoin is up-to-date
middleware is up-to-date
neutrino-switcher is up-to-date

Removing status server iptables entry…
Exiting iptables setup when not on Umbrel OS

Starting installed apps…

Umbrel is now accessible at
Skipping status update when not on Umbrel OS

But its a different onion address so likely a second copy of Umbrel?
My seed wont recover either as it says user already exists.

Any ideas what Ive broken?
Ive already gone through the help guide at How to set a static IP for your Umbrel machine


Just use that IP to open your Umbrel dashboard.
And have patience. After a restart / update the node takes a while until is ready, is catching up the blocks.
Also if you screw something up, look into troubleshooting manual, how to reset lnd.conf and .json file, then reconfigure the node.
You do not need to restore from seed! That is the last option!

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Thankyou sir.

I followed these instructions from the guide and everything looks to be back working

One Umbrel App do not start or it can’t be installed

Many thanks DarthCoin