Umbrel.onion works - other .onion addresses don't work

Hi Umbrel fam,

I am trying to access some of my umbrel apps from remote through the tor browser.

Calling the umbrel login onion, the Ride-The-Lightning onion and even the /umbrel/tor/data/lnd-grpc interface used to work.

Since a couple of days now only the Umbrel login screen works through the Tor Broswer - other Apps time out on the connection attempt.

What’s the best way to make these .onion addresses accessible again?

Thank you!

Issue resolved after a restart. For some reason the ‘umbrel_tor_server_1’ process was not running.


Restarting the node is not working for me… The only accessible pages are the umbrel dashboard, settings and app store. When trying to access any other app, umbrel continuously redirects to the login page. Also, tried to deactivate 2FA and issue persists 🤷 anything else I can try?