Suspicious inactivity

Hi there, has been now 3 days or more since my node suddenly stopped routing.

From the umbrel panel everything look’s good, no issues nothing in red. I’m thinking at the possible causes below but no clue how to double-check and verify what’s going wrong:

  • LNDg misconfiguration (it was rebalancing and routing like a train after upgrade to 1.0.4)
  • TailScale misconfiguration (I’ve enabled the node to be the exit node for all the devices in the network. Another possible misconfiguration when setting up MagicDNS or by curiosity activating and deactivating “Override local DNS”)
  • Latest update to umbrel 0.4.16 (it was done 1week after LNDg upgrade)

here is the node log if it can help. However, the outcome is The debug script did not automatically detect any issues with your Umbrel.

Nothing suspicious. Only that your node is not in a path of payments.
Read here:

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This is great! Very informative.
I took in a lot from this and will try to apply some of these tips and strategies.
Looking forward to continuing to see the progress updates.

Thanks @DarthCoin, I actually believe the cause was charge-lnd… as you mention in the guide, it probably has

disabled channels at a certain level of “profitability”, automatically.

Removed now and looking forward to the autoFee on LNDg coming soon