~50% "Inactive" Channels

Since yesterday, about 50% (30/68) of my open channels are inactive. I suspected something was wrong so I restarted Umbrel and then they became active again. Today the same thing happened. Does anyone have a similar problem or know what could be wrong?

do you have a lot of apps installed? I had the same problem and uninstalled all unnecessary apps, after which my node worked perfectly again. other users also had the same problem and after uninstalling everything, these nodes also worked again. It’s also worth a try with you.


Thanks @Rene1980 look’s like it helped for our node :pray:

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Same here! Thanks.

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I have the same problem.
Had the same problem before - removed apps - resolved the issue.
Now the problem is back - and almost all apps are gone - so removing apps seems no longer a solution.

Would be great to find the root cause of this…

I believe it is tor related - but I don’t know how to troubleshoot.

Thanks if anyone sees a solution!

Best, m

Small update:
I closed a few channels - including 5satoshi (very strange fee structure, automatic fee setting?) , sphinxrouting-fceb9955a9 (300+ channels, including many 20k sats channels) - and suddenly my node seems stable again.
Also Terminal Web score jumped by several 100 places up…

Conclusion - it seems node stability can be impacted by connected nodes - something for LND developers to build resilience against…

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Hmm… i think it could be the AR Actions in LNDg that creates the bug (just a theory)

Hi, I got the same problem here. Have uninstalled LNDg and my Node was stable again. When I had installed LNDg was the LND Node very slow.

I have never installed LNDg - didn’t even know of its existence - so that theory is not the cause for my umbrel.