Random inactive channels

Hey guys,

Have noticed that on occasion I’ll get channels that become inactive/offline, however later become active/online again.

This seems to be happening intermittently and have looked into the LND log and have the following coming up:

lnrpc.Lightning/GetNodeInfo]: rpc error:code = NotFound desc = unable to find node

This is a major node and I can ping it and see that it is up, any ideas? I guess they could be doing maintenance on there end? however it appears to happen often…my other channels all appear to be up and working as normal.

OK looks like all my channels just went down, looks like a TOR issue I think as when shutting down umbrel its having issues closing down tor docker service. Reason I’m shutting down is I have no peers connected to the node at the moment

After restart peers are now connecting, although still have a few inactive channels (same as before) this is running latest Umbrel version so will just monitor and see how it goes, just some food for thought incase others see an issue like this.

I have the same thing.
After i updated umbrel to the latest version (0.5.1) 80% of my channels are down.

How did you solve this? Or did the problem solve itself?

What is your utilization of the Raspi? I also had this problem months ago. I then uninstalled all unnecessary apps and only ran BTC LND RTL. after that, this problem never occurred again. Have already told others this and with them it worked again afterwards.