Suddenly strange behavior with routing


I have a strange behavior with my node. I have about 35 channels and route for months almost daily.
From 03.06 suddenly nothing was routed for 10 days.
I thought maybe it was because I had unknowingly misconfigured LNDg. After I had uninstalled it but still nothing was routed. Then I installed LNDg on 13.06 again. And suddenly 10 payments were routed on 13.06 again. Only since then it does not route again.
Maybe that is with LNDg also only a pure coincidence. I know myself for it simply too little.

Sending and receiving payments are no problem with the node. I have tested it successfully.

Are there perhaps certain services that I should check? Restarting the node does not bring any improvement.

Thanks for your help.

Today after 5 days I routed some payments again. Maybe everything is ok with my node and the bear market has such a big impact on the usage behavior with lightning.
Previously, I routed multiple payments daily. Now and then there was a day where I didn’t forward anything. At the latest on the second day I had forwarded payments again.
But if anyone can tell me how to check if the routing is working on my node I would be happy.
Thank you