Lightning node stopped working

my lightning apps suddenly stopped working. I can login to my Umbrel, bitcoin node says it’s 100% synchronized but if I want to open any Lightning app, it won’t start. Lightning app gets stuck on opening. Ride-the-lightning app write an error “Error 500, Error: Connect Ehostunreach”. Thunder hub says “Unable to connect to this node”.

I removed alias and color from lnd.conf that I changed two weeks ago but it didn’t help. Also restarting node didn’t help.

Here are umbrel logs

Any advise? Thanks.

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its not running. can you uninstall and re install?

you may have to go and remove the containers and then reinstall

Ok, I reinstalled LND. When I uploaded a backup of the channels, they all force closed. But I didn’t get all the satoshi back to my bitcoin address. I had a capacity of 0.18 btc in channels but only got about 0.10 btc back. What has happened? There are still three channels waiting to be closed but their capacity is less than 0.02 btc. Where did the other satoshis go?