Stuck on splash screen, reboot helps

Umbrel 0.4.14 on Raspberry Pi 4**, 4GB
Connect via WIFI
When I open the webpage to Umbrel it is stuck on the splash screen with loading bar. I have no problem SSH to the RPi and everything seems ok. Not sure how I restart Umbrel from terminal? If I reboot it from terminal I can access the web page and everything seems fine. After a few days I am not able to get past the splash screen and have to SSH and reboot again.

Suggestion, for new users:

  1. Go to Guides section of this forum select all and look for the guide you are looking for
  2. Search into Umbrel troubleshooting manual in the same indicated Guides section, and look for the situation that you have with your node. Pay attention to details.
  3. In order to have a better understanding of what is going on inside your node, generate the debug logs - this is also a guide in that section.