Umbrel node stuck in restart screen

I have been having problems for over a month now. It was first was stuck in the loading screen when I started my node up. I reflashed the SD card now it’s stuck in a red umbrel restart screen. I restarted it, and it just comes back.

I tried to use its IP address to login and i got this.

Open a terminal on your computer and enter:

ssh -t umbrel@umbrel.local

in Windows 7 you can use Putty , a tiny program to use SSH
in Windows 10 you can use PowerShell and the command is

ssh umbrel@umbrel

Instead of umbrel.local also you can use the local IP of your node. The default password is moneyprintergobrrr.

On version 0.3.3 or later, the password is your personal user password instead.
cd umbrel

~/umbrel/scripts/debug --upload

It’ll automatically create a log and upload it to a server to be visible. Nothing personal / private is shared there. At the end of the log you will find a link to be shared with other members / devs in Umbrel Telegram group. The format of the link is like this:
You can share here that link to the log to see what is going on.

Optional you can just restart from command line the node:
Stop Umbrel services:
sudo ./scripts/stop
Then restart the node machine:
sudo reboot

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