How to connect a BlueWallet

It is a Japanese “ma2”.
“Bitcoin Core” in “umbrel.local” is now 100%.
I want to do a “connect wallet”. The connecting follet is “Blue Wallet”.
I was waiting because the cautionary text said, “Please wait at least 24 hours before you do it.”

I can’t figure out the procedure correctly from the explanation that appears when I select “Blue Wallet” in “connect wallet” of “umbrel.local”.
I want you to help me.

1.Install the BlueWallet Lightning app on your Umbrel.
I have installed “BlueWallet Lightning” in “umbrel.local”.

2.Open BlueWallet on your phone, tap the three dots to access the settings and go to Network> Lightning Settings.
I installed the “BlueWallet” app on my mobile phone.

3.Tap “Scan or import a file”.
Select “Settings-> Network-> Ligtning Settings” from “…” at the top right of “Blue Wallet” on your mobile phone.
Select the word “Scan or import a file” on the screen.

4.Scan the QR code displayed in the BlueWallet Lightning app on your Umbrel.
Bring up the “BlueWallet Lightning” page from the “Apps screen” of “umbrel.local”.
The QR code and character string appear on the right side of the screen where “LNDhub” is written on the upper left of the screen.
Import this QR code with “Scan or import a file” described in “No. 3”.
The result was as follows.
“Not a valid LNDHub URI.”

What’s wrong with this?
Please tell me.

Did you install the blue wallet app to your umbrel from the app section?

I installed only “BlueWallet Lightning” from the apps section of “umbrel.local”.
Isn’t this the “Blue Wallet” on the mobile phone side? Is there anything else I need?

I compared the screen of “LNDhub” with other people on the Internet.
Others have progressed to the “Channels” column.
Nothing is out in my environment. Is this related to the issue of “umbrel” and “BlueWallet” concatenation?
I look forward to working with you.

here is a guide about BW and umbrel

I’m sorry I don’t have time. I will write it briefly.

  • My “android” had an OS version of 8.1. What if I’m using a version 9 or earlier?
  • When umbrel and wallet can be linked correctly, will the numbers on the umbrel screen (number of accesses from outside, book calculation, etc.) increase? I want to know the correct figure.
  • Sir “Darth Coin”. thank you.
    The link destination has not been translated yet. I want to take some time on Sunday.

I tried to set BlueWallet (BW) to Ver 6.0.8.
The explanation of BW is No. 4 from “connect wallet” of umbrel, and the QR code can be read on the mobile phone side.

The QR code written in is recognized as the correct code.
At http://umbrel.local:3008 in my room, I get a reply that the QR code to BW is incorrect.
I don’t know where to change.
I want you to help me.

I prepared an Android version 10 mobile phone.
The second explanation of “connect wallet” (Network> Lightning Settings.) Was successful.

Then proceed to number 8 (Network> Lightning Settings.).
I got the error “Unable to connect to the specified Electrum server”.

What is Electrum Server?
I’m still going to be indebted to you. I look forward to working with you.

Here I wrote a guide about all this

The settings of the android network (especially Electrum Server) are unstable.
It was played with an error or it was OK. It turned out to be okay.

As usual, nothing appears in Channels on LNDhub (BlueWallet Lightning).
I want to “mining”, how can I do “mining” with umbrel so that I can see the state?

Maybe it’s settled.
Thank you so far.