Alert: invalid LNDHub URI.

I want to connect my blue wallet to my lighting node.

It looks so easy, but I cannot get it done.

What I doing

Open blue wallet, freshly installed on e Iphone with IOS.

Press the … on the upper left screen.

Network>Lighting settings.

Goto umbrel and start the app LNDhub BlueWallet Lighting.

Scan the QR code on the upper left screen.

Press save after a while popup appears Alert: invalid LNDHub URI.

I notice that the result from the QR does not match with the Node URI under the QR code.

I hope you can help.

You have several guides in the dedicated section of this forum Guides section.
There you can read the special ones for describing LNDhub Bluewallet and another one for LNDhub LNBits

What i’m looking for if some one has a hint, why i cannot connect my BW to umbrel node.
It looks so simpel, but what ever I do, i get pop up with Alert: invalid LNDHub URI

Did you read what I just sent you? It is explained there.

@DarthCoin I am having the same issues, despite doing exactly what your guide (or Umbrels guide under ‘connect wallet’) says. I’m using Blue Wallet via iOS/iPhone. Tried it with & without the same network.

When I enable tor in the BW settings by clicking ‘start’ and then restart BW, tor is on Daemon Status ‘NOTINIT’ again. But whether I start it again or not, I always get those messages when trying to connect my node:

Electrum Server: “Alert - Can’t connect to the provided Electrum server”

Lightning Settings: “Alert - Invalid LNDHub URI”

FWIW, I also couldn’t connect to my Bitcoin core node in Electrum (same network) with the Umbrel guide. I needed to type in the Umbrel local address and didn’t activate the tor proxy.

Don’t use internal Tor from BW. Use with Orbot + BW
Also I suggest to use Zeus instead of BW. Works much better.
You can also use the new Umbrel app Tailscale to connect to your node through private VPN.

Thanks for helping me out, but I got the same issue with Zeus - it doesn’t connect to my node. Tried “with Tor” and without in the app.

“Bad URL”

“The operation couldn’t be completed. (kCFErrorDomainCFNetwork error 310).”

Do I need to install Orbot or Tailscale first?

I installed Tailscale & connected it to my node.

Still cannot connect Zeus to my node. Now I get: “Error: The Internet connection appears to be offline.”

Is Orbot or tailscale, not both.
Orbot if you want to use Tor connection
Tailscale if you want to use VPN, not Tor.

Now I tried it with Tailscale and then with Orbot. Neither BW nor Zeus will connect to my Umbrel node. I scan the QR codes and I get the errors.

Oh man… you always do the wrong things that’s why you get the error.
Is so simple and please pay attention to details I explained in those guides.

To connect Bluewallet app through Tor

  1. Install Orbot on your phone and add BW as VPN app
  2. Start BW. Go to settings - Network - Electrum server
  3. Scan or paste the QR code provided in “Connect wallet” section, Electrum Android/Desktop or Bluewallet. Save
  4. Go to Lightning settings and scan or paste the URI provided in your BW LNDhub page umbrel.local:3008. Save
  5. Restart your BW app on mobile
  6. Create a new LN wallet, it will be created a LNDhub wallet in your Umbrel Node BW Lightning.
  7. Save that lndhub URI, in your backup password manager.
    Done, now you can use that LNDhub wallet as a normal LN wallet.

To connect Zeus using Tailscale VPN and that LNDhub wallet

  1. Install Tailscale app in your Umbrel. Configure it, make the account, write down the VPN IP provided.
  2. Install Tailscale on your phone, connect with same account, then also you will see in the app your node IP.
  3. Open Zeus, go to settings, “add new node” (it should be “accounts”, but anyways).
  4. Select type of node “LNDhub”
  5. Paste that LNDhub URI, but replacing the onion address with your Tailscale VPN IP of your node (see it in your Tailscale app). Select, existing account, not Tor, save configuration.

Done. Takes a while to connect and your LNDhub is ready to be used.

Same you can add your LN node there, by following the instruction from Umbrel dashboard - connect wallet - zeus, scan the QR LNDconnect and instead of onion address, replace it with your VPN IP, all the rest remain the same.

Done, now you can use both accounts in Zeus, byt switching them when is needed and NOT using through Tor connection.

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Thank you very much. That worked with Zeus.

I scanned the QR code (lnd) from Umbrel and used the umbrel Tailscale IP address as the Host.

Makes a lot more sense now!

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Don’t forget to add the port! (3008)
Eg http://100.x.y.z:3008

Then it works beautifully. But BW mobile suggested my port should be 3000. That took quite a while to unfix.


Thanks for this. With Bluewallet app everything worked fine for me until step 4: ‘Invalid LNDHub URI’
I also tried starting the URI with http:// , https:// , and nothing. Same message. I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

For me, the nice (and only) reason why I would like to use BlueWallet via LNDHub is that you can create multiple wallets in Umbrel Node BW Lightning, without giving BW actual control of your node nor its internal LN wallet. Can you also create multiple wallets with Zeus + Tailscale VPN via LNDhub? (Or with any other mobile wallet like the ones from the guide:
[GUIDE] Connect Umbrel to your wallet)
I know with Zap once you connect your node it gets full control, and you cannot create additional wallets.

So it looks like the Blue Wallet that sunsetted its custodial version of the lightning wallet no longer works for the self custody lightning wallet also.

You can recover funds on the website.

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More frustrating experience for me, everything was working perfectly with B.W on LNDhub!! And then, one fine day, nothing at all, and no way to understand why!! I followed the procedure to retrieve the funds from my LNDhub B.W to an On Chain address. We’ll see what happens next… It’s been two bad experiences with B.W, it’s starting to be discouraging

I submitted to on Nov27, 2023 and no on-chain coin transfer 2 months later. No answering of emails from So I have only read of others being successful but not my case so far. I dis get my on-chain sata off but not successful with the lightning sats. I do have the QR code to exporr/import the BW lightning wallet but still struggling through endless scammers.