SSD powers off after 7-10hrs

After 7-10hrs the SSD drive appears to disconnect from the Raspberry Pi (all lights on SSD go off, like there is no power). I have reflashed the microSD each time this happens, but same issue keeps re-occurring.

  • Running Umbrel using all the recommended hardware (SSD drive)
  • Umbrel is connected via ethernet to router (connecting via pc-windows)
  • have static IP address
  • throttled=0x0 when I check immediately on restarting, but then 15 minutes later this changes to throttled=0x60002
  • changed power connection from power strip to wall socket (makes no difference to throttled results)
  • downloaded logs indicate temperature of Raspberry Pi is too high and recommends using a case to lower temperature (currently using recommended flirc case).

Not sure if this is a SSD case power issue or case not cooling enough. Thinking of changing to UGREEN case ( to fix power issue and/or getting deskpi pro case ( to fix cooling issue.

How did you go? Did you end up going with the Deskpi? I’m thinking of getting it because it looks good with the internal ssd but want to see if there are any issues before I do.